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Skilled Laborer


We are searching for a dependable Skilled Laborer to join our excellent construction crew. The Skilled Laborer's responsibilities include ensuring worksites are clean and safe, spreading gravel, using drills, jackhammers, and other power tools. You should also be able to take instruction from superiors and complete on-the-job training.


To be successful as a Skilled Laborer, you will have acquired suitable skills, hungry to expand your skill set and increase your level of expertise. You should also be willing to learn from other crew members and receive off-site training wherever possible.


To be successful in this position, you will work well as part of a team, enjoy working outdoors, and be able to perform strenuous physical tasks.




CARPENTER - Cutting, shaping, and installing wood materials. Able to build decks, additions on homes, concrete framework, build walls, sills, headers, floor from joists and beams, frame roofs.


TILER - Applies tile to walls, floors, ceilings, and promenade roof decks, following design specifications: Examines blueprints, measures and marks surfaces to be covered, and lays out work.


DRY-WALLER - Plans gypsum drywall installations, erects metal framing and furring channels for fastening drywall, and installs drywall to cover walls, ceilings, soffits, shafts, and movable partitions in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings: Reads blueprints and other specifications to determine method of installation, work procedures, and material, tool, and work aid requirements.


ROOFER - Assembles precut wooden parts to build trusses and similar supports or wall sections used in building construction: Moves specified precut parts to work area and positions parts in jig by hand or using overhead crane, following supervisor's instructions and blueprint specifications.


Skilled Laborer is usually assisted by other workers, so you must be willing to train


Other Requirements:

• Experience in interior finish work required.

• Organization and ability to keep work area clean

• Willingness to undertake training if necessary.

• Be mild-tempered and a team player.

• Be healthy, strong, and fit.


• Based on experience and proof of knowledge

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